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Why make a donation?

I'm glad to distribute this small piece of software under the AGPL license and especially without any ads. Free software is all about sharing and I strongly believe it is the only way to address important subjects such as privacy or learning.

Although software shouldn't cost a thing, hardware and services rightfully have a price tag. My server costs are CA$ 190/year and my goal is to cover these fees thanks to simple donations from you, glorious visitors.

If you find the project interesting enough, please consider making a donation. Even a small one would mean the world to me. More than a mere financial act, donate means that you simply believe in this project and want it to be better.

Contributors (PayPal)


1. Hugo Locurcio 2021-01-07 30.00
2. Anatoscope 2021-03-01 3.00
Total: CA$ 33.00


1. Adil Arif 2020-10-04 133.13
2. Huw Pritchard 2020-12-30 50.00
3. Hugo Locurcio 2020-08-07 30.00
4. Kanedias 2020-03-06 15.00
Total: CA$ 228.13


1. Alexander Martinz 2019-01-06 75.00
2. Hugo Locurcio 2019-02-24 30.00
Total: CA$ 105.00


Total: CA$ 140.00


Total: CA$ 86.00


Total: CA$ 414.00


Total: CA$ 58.00